Have you ever been a fan of The Secret Garden? Well, then you are in for a treat - Castle Durrow wedding

Castle Durrow Wedding

Getting married at the castle is just the beginning of a fairy tale. Since Castle Durrow wedding offers so much more than that.
Tying the knot while surrounded by the mixture of colours, traditions and thriving nature will set your mind on the amazing adventure ahead of you.

So, if you are considering a wedding at Castle Durrow, you are at the right place.

castle durrow weddings
castle durrow weddings
castle durrow wedding

Wedding at Castle Durrow – exterior of the castle

If your alter-ego was born in nature and feels best among the breathtaking flowers, then  Castle Durrow wedding will become your paradise.

Start your life as husband and wife at this historic, 300 year old castle. Castle Durrow welcomes its guests with grand gardens, exquisite interior and all around luxury.

The greyish blue exterior of the castle takes the breath away and transports you to the 18th century. If you like contrasts, imagine the castle’s shades mixed with the magnificent green parklands. Wild brownish forest and grand colourful orchards.

All of this, creates the colour wheel of every photographer’s dreams as well as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Let this feast of hues dance mildly in them forever.


Wedding at Castle Durrow – interior of the castle

If you like looking at the beauty of nature, imagine smelling it all the time.

Castle Durrow is a place which exudes an intoxicating fragrance of freshly cut roses.

Wedding photographers indulge in venues like this due to their unusual atmosphere. The suites are decorated differently to cater to the most refined tastes. All of them filled with authentic décor which takes you to past eras.

If you like antiques, Castle Durrow is flooded with them. And we don’t mean just the statues or paintings. The best example are the stained glass windows. Windows which shed multicoloured light on the impressive staircase.

This blend of shades and textures brings an astonishing royal feel. Your wedding pictures taken at Castle Durrow will not only be timeless. They will also be a full of intangible cosiness which can only be achieved in places with such long and grand history.

So, don’t wait any longer and take the trip into your fairy tale.

If Castle Durrow wedding is your dream…

Aurelia & Peter

Fleeting Moments Photography at Castle Durrow

What’s the most captivating in being a wedding photographer is the variety of possibilities which arise every day. Each photo shoot is different. The light differs and people differ as well. What never changes is the happiness of the photographed.

If you are about to get married and looking for the most wonderful backdrop for your wedding photography. Then we, Fleeting Moments Photography will help you seize the spirit of the historic Castle Durrow in your wedding pictures.

Irish Wedding Venues – Castle Durrow

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