…Can you feel like it’s your first date again?
An engagement photo shoot is a great opportunity to go back to the beginnings of your relationship, discover each other again and create a link with the photographer who will take your wedding photos.

engagement photo shoot

Engagement shoot – different than others

Your engagement shoot can be a unique portrait of your personalities, merged into a well-formed dual character. You can rest assured that you will always return to these photos with a sincere smile on your faces.

Engagement shoot – rehearsal

The engagement shoot is the ideal rehearsal for the wedding. You will have the chance to get into your prime, deal with your shyness. Feel relaxed in front of the camera, and discover the angles at which you look your best.

engagement photo shoot

Engagement shoot – ideas

The engagement shoot is a perfect gift idea or surprise for your parents and friends. You can keep the photos for yourself, use them as a part of a wedding invitation, use them as a creative presentation during the wedding or make posters, banners or calendars from them.


… a favorite cafe, park, side streets of your favorite city – before you say “I do” it is worth stopping forever the magic of the places that are important to both of you. This unique shoot will give you a nice thrill of positive emotions while waiting for the wedding, and the photos will remind you after years later this extraordinary feeling.


Engagement photo shoot – why is it a good idea?

Engagement photo shoots became a phenomenon quite recently.
 Because with all the wedding plans ahead, couples want to celebrate the foretaste of the upcoming events.
Is there a better expression of love than tiny gestures and laughs in front of a beautiful scenery of your choice?
Probably not.

So what is an engagement photo shoot and why do you need to book one right now?

Engagement Photography

The engagement photo shoot is a younger and less formal sister of your main, wedding photo shoot. It can be shot anywhere, whatever the season and time.
Its main purpose is to commemorate the time when your lives are about to change. The beginning of your life together.
There are no true rules regarding engagement photo shoots. In opposition to the wedding photo shoots, dress code, as well as the location are up to you.
Yet, they can also be chosen to celebrate something meaningful like your shared passions, inside jokes or places that imprinted themselves in your memories as powerful or important to you.

The pictures taken during the engagement photo shoot can serve as an addition to your wedding invitations. Nice touch which will bring a smile on the invitees’ faces.
Additionally, you can test your wedding photographers – their set of skills and the vital ability to listen. However, most importantly, you can check yourselves, and see how far you can go to capture amazing moments together, how comfortable you feel in front of the camera, how to pose during your wedding and many more.
So laugh, hug and hold hands, letting your photographer preserve heavenly affection for each other in each and every frame of your engagement photo shoot.

Let’s capture your fleeting moments forever