Are you looking for the most breath-taking wedding location, captured in hundreds of frames, taken in the most magnificent scenery?

Mount Juliet Weddings

Mount Juliet Weddings | Your wedding photographer and the Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny are there, to tie together all your wedding dreams with the glorious memories.
Think of all these movies, you were watching in awe. Admiring the colours, architecture and the places in the scenes. Try to remember the feeling that those images had brought. Do you wish to be a part of that reality?

To make your wedding at Mount Juliet Estate truly remarkable, its staff will do everything to cater to all your needs. Most of all, the architecture won’t disappoint you. The building itself serves as a magical backdrop for your wedding photography.

Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny as your wedding venue

Wedding pictures taken at such exquisite location will look incredible.

Just envision yourself standing in front of this green manor. White elements of your wedding attire popping against this picturesque setting.

The traditional look of Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny will bring the intentional and very interesting clash to your wedding pictures. The timeless exterior, covered in leaves and winding ivy, brings the feeling of wonder to your wedding shots. While having an old-school vibe as well. Additionally, its agelessness photographs beautifully in every weather and in almost every season.

You may wonder, how come, places like this are just outside the big, industrial settings. Hidden among the mountains and attainable only for those honored to experience them.

Idyllic, flower-filled gardens popping with every colour. From the distance, mixed with the raw texture of rocks serve as a versatile shooting scenery. The scenery which will then reflect in your wedding photo album. Mount Juliet weddings are truly remarkable.


Wedding photography opportunities at Mount Juliet Estate

When it comes to the interior of Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny, it provides an elegant, antiquated vibe. The slanted angles in the old-fashioned cellars bring once again, a beautiful raw element to this place. Especially accompanied by wooden, winding staircases. These staircases are perfect to achieve any wedding picture. Everything is supported by stone-looking pillars. Velvet curtains hung on grand windows and see-through veils amplifying the element of mystery.
Saying your vows in Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny will truly reflect the mood of the ceremony. Bride’s wedding gown will be in perfect harmony with those timeless walls. Whereas the sound of the heels on the wooden floors will fill up the room during your nighttime dances.

Aurelia & Peter

Fleeting Moments Photography at Mount Juliet Estate

So how to preserve these breath-taking wedding memories at Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny?

By hiring an experienced pair of wedding photographers of course.

We are a married couple of photographers with 7 years of experience. Having photographed over 230 weddings, Fleeting Moments Photography offers a made to measure wedding photography experience catered for your specific needs.

Do you wish to relive all the excitement of Mount Juliet weddings, knowing that your wedding pictures tell a story? Are you after the subtle combination of magical atmosphere and happiness captured at its essence? Or maybe you live by traditions and dream about seizing their spirit in your wedding photos?

This is exactly what choosing us – Fleeting Moments Photography and the wedding at Mount Juliet Estate in Kilkenny, guarantees you.


Luxury Wedding Venues – Mount Juliet Estate

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