Lorraine and David

Rathsallagh House Wedding

Lorraine and David’s wedding at Rathsallagh Country House in Dunlavin, was a beautiful celebration surrounded by nature’s charm. Their day began with a special first look moment in the conservatory. The photos captured their genuine emotions, setting the tone for the festivities ahead.

The ceremony combined tradition and modernity, taking place in the lovely chapel located on the grounds. Lorraine and David exchanged heartfelt vows, witnessed by their friends and family who couldn’t help but smile and shed a few tears of joy.

The reception was a joyous occasion marked by toasts and heartfelt moments. Tables adorned with elegant decorations created a sophisticated atmosphere. Guests raised their glasses to offer their best wishes to the newlyweds.

As the day progressed, a lovely sunset painted the sky with beautiful colors, adding a touch of magic to the event. This stunning sunset backdrop added warmth and romance to the entire day.

Rathsallagh Country House, with its timeless charm, provided the perfect setting for a wedding that combined the past and the present. Lorraine and David’s wedding showcased the enduring power of love, surrounded by the natural beauty of Ireland. It was a day that left a lasting impression on all who attended, a day where two souls pledged their love in the presence of nature.

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