Do you want a taste of royal life?

Waterford Castle Wedding


Then it is high time you savored it in one of Ireland’s most well-known and well-preserved wedding locations.

Waterford Castle’s greens, greys and whites go perfectly together, so why not tie and use them as a backdrop for your wedding pictures.

As wedding photographers, we believe that the beautiful antiques mixed with wood and stone contrast magically with the whites and blacks of your wedding attire. All this brings the sought after warmth to the wedding photography.

Royal treatment? You are at the right place.

Wedding at Waterford Castle – exterior of the castle

So, do you want your fairytale wedding to come true?

Waterford Castle is a picturesque location filled with green, tall-standing trees, mixed with vividly coloured flowers, where you will fulfill your dream of a fable fantasy.

The exterior of the castle is quite raw. The stone, grand building is sprinkled with green leaves and bay winding around windows and skylights. Gargoyles standing proudly on the roof add the old-fashioned, castle feel to the place, making it even more suited for wedding photography.

Spring wedding? Then the scenery of Waterford Castle is bound to satisfy you.

The idyllic greeneries peek through the stained glass windows, showing you how well nature merges with every day’s castle life.


Wedding at Waterford Castle – interior of the castle

If you were in awe with the exterior of the Waterford Castle, then you are destined to fall in love with its inside.

The interior of the Waterford Castle can completely detach you from your industrial life. Warm-coloured carpets create a cosy feeling, which elevates the sensation of agelessness of this place. Studded velvet sofas, ottomans and wooden chairs once again push up the warmth of the castle.

Long, thick curtains give the sufficient level of intimacy during these most magical wedding moments. Wrap yourself up in the glow of roaring stone fireplaces, which can be found in each chamber of the Waterford Castle.

When it comes to wedding photography, Waterford Castle is a place filled with outstanding backdrops.
Just imagine yourselves standing in front of the antiquated windows decorated with metal bolts. Let your shadows dance mildly against them.
You can also take advantage of the breathtaking collection of original paintings from the 16th century.

However, this is not all.

The glass ceiling in the conservatory will give you a chance to admire the stars during the night time dances and their light to envelop your silhouettes in a mild embrace.
Imagine entering this timeless place with your prince wearing the glass slippers.

Aurelia & Peter

Fleeting Moments Photography at Waterford Castle

Do you wish to capture the essence of this amazing venue? Hiring an experienced pair of wedding photographers will help you seize your deepest wedding desires.

We are a married couple of photographers with 7 years of experience. Having photographed over 230 weddings, Fleeting Moments Photography offers a made to measure wedding photography experience catered for your specific needs.

We will apply a dash of contrasts, amazing lighting and brilliance of colours to help you reminisce your wedding day at Waterford Castle in your wedding photo album forever.