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Wedding photographer Dublin | How do you see your wedding day? Your big moment?

You surely want it to be perfect. However, how to make it even better, let’s say… magical?
Ireland boasts beautiful scenery. Vividly coloured greeneries and raw looking traditional buildings. 
All of this makes it a remarkable location for a wedding and gallery-worthy pictures.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, throughout the years it has adapted to the new landscape. 
This is the reason why it’s filled with the mixture of the old and the new.
High, glass, sparkly buildings are blended into green park yards and landmarks from past centuries.

Fall in love with Dublin with Fleeting Moments Photography!

Wedding photography Dublin - City Hall

There are places filled with history, where the walls have their own voice. Dublin City Hall is a perfect example of a location full of whispers.

This 18th century building is perfect for your wedding photo shoot. Circular entrance, supported by meticulously ornamented columns welcomes you to the amazing interior filled with sculptures and the breathtaking rotunda.

The rotunda itself serves as an amazing backdrop for your wedding photography. Sculptures, statues, murals and the exquisite lighting are the photography dream come true. | wedding photographer Dublin


Wedding photography Dublin – Trinity College

This 16th century location is another place where history played its role perfectly.

It is a residence to multiple possibilities when it comes to wedding photography. Old architecture is mixed with more modern developments. This makes the Trinity College a combination of features catering to all tastes.

The spaces that let your imagination go, are the chapel and the library.

Both serve as more historic, woody background for your wedding shots. However, the Trinity College Chapel graces the visitors with numerous stained-glass windows. Which shed a beautiful multicolour light making the pictures look incredible.

The Trinity College Library on the other hand, is a never-ending visual feast for the eyes. This is the place where the bookshelves are overflowing with every title known to an English reader. The brownish-black perfection contrasts magically with the whites of your wedding attire. | wedding photographer Dublin

Fairy-tale looking pictures? Yes, please.

Wedding photography Dublin – Grand Canal Dock

Industrial, modern and a little bit futuristic?

Are these the adjectives that are to describe your wedding theme? Then Grand Canal Dock is an amazing place for your wedding photo shoot.

Imagine yourselves standing in front of the high, glass buildings that mildly reflect in the clear river. The glass and metal elements of this area are softened by the traditional look of the quay. Intensely green trees in the spring and summer time. | wedding photographer Dublin

What is more, if you enjoy the colourful lighting, Grand Canal Dock is extraordinary after dusk. The Dock fills with multiple colours which once again reflect in the water creating an astonishing backdrop.

If you are after the artistic clashes and divergences, then this mixture of styles is definitely for you.

Wedding photography Dublin – St. Stephen’s Green

Bridges, porches, arches, benches and lots of colours. St. Stephen’s Green is as a remarkable location for a photo shoot. In the spring and summer time as it is in autumn.

The moment you enter St. Stephen’s Green you truly are transported to a different dimension. Stretching lawns, luxuriant flora and tranquil silence best describe the power of this place. Furthermore, the blaze of colours and textures is simply idyllic.

The possibilities for the wedding photography are endless. Not to mention, it serves as an exceptional backdrop for the wedding video editorial since it brings a certain fable addition to the shoot.

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Dublin, even though quite modern, can easily take your breath away. The old-fashioned past century architecture blends incredibly with modern touches and greens of the surroundings.
It’s up to your wedding photographer Dublin to be able to capture all these nuances and create astounding wedding pictures just for you.

We are a married couple of wedding photographers with 8 years of experience. Having photographed over 230 weddings in Ireland. Fleeting Moments Photography offer a made to measure wedding photography experience catered for your specific needs.

We – Fleeting Moments Photography believe that every location has something to offer. The only thing that needs to be done is noticing this special something.
Let us capture your love in front of the breathtaking Dublin –  an amazing setting for your wedding photo shoot.

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