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Wedding photographers Cork | You are about to begin a wonderful life together, yet you still haven’t decided on a suitable backdrop for that grand beginning?

Well if so, then Cork may stand as a magical spot for you and your wedding guests.
Cork offers the very possibilities that most of you haven’t even daydreamt about. Starting with the mixture of styles, textures and colours, from those very mild to those unbelievably bright.
Read on, to discover another dimension of Ireland – perfect for a wedding of your dreams.

Wedding photography Cork - Kinsale

In the whirlwind of options, you may be a couple that simply can’t make up their mind on the wedding destination. How about the Kinsale town then?


Because it offers basically everything. Spectacular views, access to water, steep rocks and lots of greeneries. Not to mention the amazing colourful architecture and eye-catching venues.

Initially, Kinsale was a medieval fishing port, which has now become a go-to wedding destination. 

If you want variety in your wedding pictures, then let your wedding photographers Cork be inspired and capture you in the most astonishing frames. Everything, from whimsically multicoloured to mysteriously foggy, is within your reach.

Wedding photography Cork - UCC College and Honan Chapel

All of us starve for some magic in our lives, still waiting for the letter from a certain wizarding school in England. Well, there are places in Cork that surely can take you to similarly charming grounds.

UCC College and Honan Chapel are definitely such examples. Your wedding is bound to look amazing here. An incredibly bright green colour of grand. Spacious grounds ties perfectly with the grey exterior of the building. Winding ivy and leaves bring the mysterious element to the place, making it even more wedding pictures friendly.

The Honan Chapel boasts beautiful interior perfect for a wedding. Stone elements are paired with colourful floor mosaics and brightly painted stained windows. 

The windows shed multicoloured light inside, making the surroundings look magical. In the middle, there is a wooden, carved altar which stands out, thanks to all those meticulous details.

UCC College and Honan Chapel are the perfect blend for the forgotten Hogwarts students.


Wedding photography Cork - Triskel Arts Centre

Are you silent movie fans? Do you get excited by the old-fashioned feel these movies bring?
Then, how about introducing your passion as a place for your fairy tale wedding.

Triskel Arts Centre’s inconspicuous exterior hides a mixture of darks and lights.

White walls, colourful stained windows and mahogany coloured wooden benches serve as cinematic background of your dreams. The great hall can be lit as you desire, from reds to blues, bringing the whole spectrum of the colour wheel. It doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming in earthy colour, black & white or technicolour. Triskel Arts Centre will cater to your and your wedding photographers’ needs. 

Wedding photography Cork - Fota Island

How about tying a knot on a secluded Island, so green you wouldn’t believe its vivid colour? Getting married in a private place makes it your own personal fable fantasy.

Cork’s Fota Island is an idyllic, green land surrounded by water. It offers multiple possibilities to take breathtaking wedding pictures, no matter the time of day. The coastal landscape gives you a chance to truly feel on top of the world.

Ready to feel incredibly close to Ireland’s nature? Choose Fota Island.

Wedding photography Cork - Fort Charles

Or maybe you are traditional, and yearn after the times of the old-fashioned Ireland.

Fort Charles in Ireland is an amazing wedding photo-location which is full of clashes. Imagine combining the soft with the rough, and the grey with the green. All the hard stones and antiquated woodwork perfectly with the intensely green colour of the surroundings.

If you are true lovers of the Ireland’s landscape and wish to turn back time and move to the previous decades, then choosing Fort Charles may be a perfect idea!

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Wedding Photographers Cork

Cork is a place full of contrasts, which can only be captured in a professional manner. Let your wedding memories be immortalised in the most astonishing way by wedding photographers cork. 

Just the way they should be.

We are a married couple of wedding photographers with 8 years of experience. Having photographed over 230 weddings, Fleeting Moments Photography offer a made to measure wedding photography experience catered for your specific needs. 

We believe that each wedding is different, yet they have something in common. The love in the air. This unimaginable feeling that makes everything seem better. 

Let us capture yours in the most exquisite frames.

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